Baby Shower Invites

Somebunny is Having a Baby!


Spring has to be one of my favorite times of year, for all things.  In San Diego the weather doesn’t change much but where I am from, in Minnesota, spring is such a fun time.  The weather warms up, flowers and trees start to bloom and fun parties start to get planned!  I was fortunate enough to do some baby shower invites for a wonderful client, who always has me design invites for all of her parties.  This was no exception, her daughter was pregnant and having a baby girl!  So not only is it spring in Minnesota, but they get to celebrate new life all around.

So we talked over email and she started out by saying “I want the theme to be bunny and flowers”.  I thought “DONE!”, and I was off.  As we talked, I knew what I wanted to do.  She was describing to me all these wonderful things she had already bought.  From bunny tails for jars, to pin striped straws, to all the flowers and the color PINK.  Spring to me is effortless and flowing and energetic but easy going and thats how my clients are, so I knew I needed something to match their style.  I think we nailed is and I heard everyone loved the party invitations.




Birthday Invites

You Donut Wanna Miss This Party!


My niece did it again!  She picked out another fun theme for her birthday, a donut theme!  I love this for many reasons (besides loving donuts so very much), but the main reason was that she requested they be “kawaii” donuts.  Right away I knew I wanted to merge the cuteness of her request with a vintage, donut shop idea I had swirling in my head.  So I was off in the right direction.

I love these and always look forward to what my niece will pick next year.

Baby Shower Invites / Birthday Invites

Hot Air Balloons and Flower Birthday


It is hard to believe, but its coming up on my daughter’s first birthday.  I knew before she was born how I wanted to decorate the nursery and what IO wanted her baby shower to be themed and that was with hot air balloons.  I have always had a love for these things, despite never actually having gone up in one myself (I will someday!).  They are whimsical, magical and always so full of life.  So when my sister threw me a baby shower, of course it was hot air ballooned themed.  Then when we started to plan the nursery and get decor, I knew it had to be the same theme.  I bought hot air balloon prints, made hot air balloon button art, sewed hot air balloons to hang from her ceiling and made a hot air balloon baby quilt.

Now her first birthday is right around the corner and I knew what I wanted to do!  Carry on with the hot air balloon theme, of course!

In my many searches for something I liked, nothing caught my eye but this one idea I saw that had hot air balloons on it that almost looked like a quilt or patch work.  I knew the idea and I was off and running in the direction I wanted!  I love navy blue, pink and aqua together so I had my main colors ready to go.  But then I thought about party favors and if I would be able to find stuff to match exactly.  Well, I went to party city and found aqua chevron plates and aqua decor so I incorporate that into the design to tie it all together.  You can’t have a party without a cohesive theme!

So without further ado, here are the birthday invites, along with some baby shower invites I created as well as matching thank you cards!  Enjoy!














Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas Cookie Exchange


It is that time of year again!  The decorations are out, presents are being bought and the Christmas party planning begins.  It is such a fun and festive time all around and to be able to help a client out with her perfect cookie exchange party was so fun!  She came to me and told me that she was throwing a Christmas cookie exchange party and all she knew what that she liked the idea of a red truck being somewhere on the invite.  She also wanted to send out recipe cards with the invite so people could not only share their yummy cookies, but the recipe to make them as well.  I loved both of these ideas and was eager to hit the ground running, or to go off in the direction that was perfect for her!

I started by googling cookie exchange invitations and what a plethora of stuff was out there.  One stood out to me that had stripes and some baby blue detailing and I thought “how cute to go along with a red truck would be red stripes and a baby blue background?”.  I started to create and came up with some fun ideas but eventually she settled on one that was just right and requested that I make gift tags to match as well.

Behold, the red truck Christmas cookie exchange invite!


Digital Prints

Mint & Gold Digital Prints


I feel like I haven’t posted in a while.  My parents were out here on vacation and it was so fun.  I keep thinking forward to the holidays though and love when sparkly things make their way onto the shelves at my favorite stores.  I love mint green and gold so  being the graphic artist I am and being in need on some inspiration, I googled “Mint & Gold” and what a plethora of stuff came up.  It was like inspiration heaven!  I found some patterns I liked and ran with some ideas.  The combination of the mint and gold was so fun, I am going to be creating more patterns and digital papers for people and sell them in my Easy shop.   I created these digital prints and love how they turned out!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have making them!