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BMX Anyone?


I often wonder where Bicycle Motocross (or BMX) was, when I was a kid.  Now that my husband and son do BMX and our weeks and weekends seem to be filled either practice or racing, I feel like I was missing out as a kid.  Heck, I feel like every kid who IS NOT doing BMX these days, is missing out.  

BMX is a wonderful sport where you can race for a team, representing something larger than yourself, but you also race as an individual.  While being on a team is a big achievement, the racing as an individual is what drives each rider.  Practicing more and racing more only furthers their game and allows them to achieve a top podium spot.

Now that I think of it, this practice and drive sort of feels like my work as a graphic designer.  The more I hustle and perfect my game, the more people want to hire me for their projects.  I get to be a team player who’s contributing to something larger than myself (my family) but I also get to feel accomplished as an individual.  Its a win win for everyone involved.

Anyways, this post did have a point and I am going to make it right now.  We get to be a round a lot of really cool kids, teens, adults and world class athletes at the Chula Vista BMX track in (you guessed it) Chula Vista, CA.  Being around all these people allows me to further branch out, to meet new people and make meaningful connections.  Our BMX world is small and everyone has become like a little family.  One of our family, a little girl named Rebecca loves BMX too, maybe more than any kid (for real).  She wanted a BMX themed party, so this the invitation we created for her.  

Here is Rebecca’s custom BMX party invitation with carbon fiber forks and box components. Oh wait, no!  This is just an invitation on paper in two different variations, lol.  Enjoy!

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