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In 7 Days it will have been 3 years since my best friend got married.  It is hard to believe how fast 3 years flies by, but before you know it, they have been married three years and these invites I made for them are 3 years old.  These are still some of my favorite invites and I will tell you why.

First come “save the dates” and her destination wedding was less than a year away!  So we hit the ground running.  Katie knew they were going to get married in Park City, UT, so right away we collaborated and thought about what her wedding would be like: the mountains, the scenery, the rustic feelings, oh and the amazing location.  Then we knew, the perfect design would be earthy tones with a modern mountain feel!  We created the Save The Date cards with the idea that the wedding invites would follow the same look and feel.


Then come the wedding invites. These were unique because Katie and Erik wanted their guests to feel at home in Park City and to be able to enjoy the wedding day without being confused as to where to go and what to do.  So, we created a map of the surrounding area, an accommodations card, and a timeline of events for the actual wedding day.




In addition, in every hotel room for the guests that came to the wedding, Katie put a welcome bag with a thank you note attached.  It was such a fun and personal touch and I know her gusts appreciated the sentiment.


These wedding invitations turned out to be so fun and energetic but also had a certain calming element, just like Katie and Erik and just like their wedding day too!  As I reminisce about how much I loved making these, I hope you love looking at them.



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