Vow Renewal

I do. I always will. We Still Do.


I think back to my wedding day and there is so much I would do different, but also so much I loved and would do the same. My husband and I are coming up on 10 years (in August of 2020) and I often think about a vow renewal. Would we even have one? What would we do? Where would we do it? Who would we invite? Ultimately, I think we would jus want to do a giant party again, with a DJ and an open bar (after saying I Do again, lol).

I was really thinking about this after I got contacted by a client on facebook about her own vow renewal. They are going to be celebrating 25 years marriage this summer. What an accomplishment! She was going to order something online, but came across Direction Designs on a facebook page and liked that we both lived in Chula Vista. She proceeded to ask me if I could create an invite like she had in mind. “Of course I can!”, is what I responded. I am not one to pass up work, nor am I one to pass up having a hand in helping make someone vow renewal the best it could be!

She asked if I could do something with water color flowers. That was it…..I love a project where the client says “impress me”. So I shall!

This is the design she chose but scroll to see the runner ups below!

Design runner up number one.

Design runner up number two.

Design runner up number three

I thank Griselda and her husband of 25 years for the opportunity to be a part of their big day and I wish many congratulations to them! How can I help make a special occasion more special? Contact me today!

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