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Lake Memories


When I was growing up, my grandparent had a cabin in Wisconsin on a small lake called Paulson Lake.  It was a short and adventurous car ride form our hometown of Lakeville, in MN.  We would spend our spring and summer hunting for frogs, catching fish with stale saltine crackers, swimming off the back of the pontoon and enjoying the evenings by a campfire (complete with scary stories).  

Fall and winter would bring their own magic.  Fall bought changing colors, falling leaves, nature walks by Hidden Lake and sneaking peaks in the cabins of neighbors who has left for the season (or favorite was Barry’s because they left all sorts of lures and what we thought were treasures).  Winter would bring silence and serenity (and skiing, which I hated as a kid but now love!).  Not many people went up to that lake in the winter but we had fun just the same.  We would go sledding and snowmobiling and then make the trek out to the ice house with our left over Christmas candy to watch dad ice fish (and catch small Bass which we fried up for dinner).

I started this project for a client who wanted something special for her friend who owns a lake cabin on a lake in Wisconsin as well.  As I got working, I got thinking about all the magic that happens at special places like this.  Time seems to slow and the world seems like it is perfect.  These are the gifts we hope to give our children.

This project was a special one and you can bet I am going to make a print like this for our cabin that is in Big Bear Lake, CA.  Let me know if I can help you make something special for your family and for generations to enjoy.

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