Baby Shower Invites

Organic Baby!


I am writing today, but the words are not flowing to me as easily as they have in the past. They are not as organic as I would like. I use that word, and most people think organic produce or organic food. In design however, organic is a balance between manmade and natural elements. Lately, I feel like a lot of my designs embody this organic feeling, and thats what people want!

The invitations, books for baby and diaper raffle cards I recently did for a baby shower were the perfect combination of manmade and nature. The organic elements of flowers and greenery flowed so well together with the structural elements of the text. They turned out so darling. When a project flows so well and feels just right, not only is it organic but it feels so cohesive.

My client didn’t want the back printed, but I could’t help myself for my “example invites”, it was just so cute with the green polka dot background.

Check out the rest of the pictures below and tell me what you think! I adore them and hope you do too!

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