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The Cookie Exchange


The holidays are now upon us and so are all the fun parties and events.  I think what I like most about the holiday season, from a design standpoint, are all the fun colors and elements I get to work with.  I feel like the possibilities are endless.  My long time client came to me and told me she was doing her annual cookie exchange and needed an invite.  This time, she told me, it was going to be cookie theme.  I started to look at what was out there and there was so many options to choose from but I had seen an invite a while back that had, had cookies as the lettering.  I couldn’t remember where I had seen it though and as luck would have it, she sent me a similar idea (great minds DO think alike).  I was torn though, I had seen another invite with a mason jar and cookie detailing that was so darling too, so I worked on both.  Just like with al of my designs, I usually do a few versions and then settle on the final with my client, so it is exactly what they want and had in mind.

This was the first version we came up with.

As I said before, I had seen a version like this but I wanted to capture the “rick rack” detailing that’s always on a gingerbread man and the fun mason jar as well.  Now, while we both really liked these, she wanted more reds incorporated into the design and to focus more on the “cookie” aspect.  So onto another design and I am so glad we did!

I am so glad we got to work together on another fun project and have been hearing people say they love the invites.  One would say, job well done, but I say “I am just getting started” because from one invite come other things!  More specifically, to a cookie exchange invite can come a lot of things but I love doing matching party favor tags and recipe cards.

Want to write down your favorite recipes this holiday season or give someone some fun recipes?  Now you can!  Just download the recipe cards below and get writing your favorites down or give them with something delicious this season.  Please share when you do!

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