Baby Milestone Keepsake Cards


Baby milestone keepsake cards are a wonderful way to keep track of you little one’s major milestones and accomplishments in their first year of life. Additionally, with these milestone keepsake cards you can document and journal from the day they are born all the way to their first birthday and everything in between. You will never ms a moment.

These baby milestone keepsake cards are custom made and can be personalized with your son or daughter’s name. In addition, each card has its own milestone on it, its own special character and a notes section on the back to document that particular milestone. Furthermore, adding the date and place along with taking a picture with the card is always fun too.

These milestone keepsake cards were designed in 2016 and have since been the best selling thing in our Etsy store. Most importantly, the cards get lots of praise for being so versatile, fun and artistic and garner repeat buyers from all over the world.

To sum up, Direction Designs’ baby milestone keepsake cards feature one of a kind art work and feature 32 different milestones. Furthermore, those cards include a cover card that says “fantastic firsts” along with 31 subsequent milestone cards. Moreover, the rest of the 31 cards include 16 major milestone cards and 15 weekly and monthly update cards.

You can find these milestone cards and so much more in out Etsy shop!

List Of Baby Milestone Keepsake Cards

  • Birth Date
  • Meeting Someone Special
  • First Bath
  • Smiled for the First Time
  • Outgrown First Outfit
  • Laughed for the First Time
  • Rolled over
  • Outgrew First Outfit
  • Doubled their Birth Weight
  • Went on their Fist Trip
  • Got Their First Tooth
  • Ate Solid Food
  • Started To Crawl
  • Stood for the First Time
  • Said Their First Word
  • Started to Walk
  • One Week Old
  • Two Weeks Old
  • One Month Old
  • Six Weeks Old
  • Two Months Old
  • Three Months Old
  • Four Months Old
  • Five Months Old
  • Six Months Old
  • Seven Months Old
  • Eight Months Old
  • Nine Months Old
  • Ten Months Old
  • 11 Months Old
  • A Year Old

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