Rainbow Party Invitations


Rainbow party invitations are very popular right now. I have seen lots of versions from bright and colorful, to muted and modern. They are used for all ages and occasions too. A rainbow invitation would be the perfect thee for a baby shower, or a bachelorette or even a graduation party. My client, however, requested rainbow party invitation for their daughter’s first birthday.

I know my client well and I know that they are not bright and flashy people. Furthermore, they are very trendy, they live in north park and keep everything very simple. I love them for this and I knew these rainbow party invitations had to be the same. She sent me some ideas she had seen online and I knew instantly we had found an idea that fit them to a T!

We bounced around ideas but the one we kept coming back to was a simple rainbow and muted colors. In addition she wanted it on white paper, which would lend a clean canvas for the colors. Then, we paired everything with a simple san serif font accented it with a script font. After five variations for the rainbow party invitations, she decided on the one below, where the text “Happy Birthday Little One” was part of the rainbow.

The rainbow design on the front is on the back of the invitation as well. I created six different rainbows, shrunk them down and created a pattern out of them. It is the perfect compliment to the simplicity of the front of the invitation.

This invitation below is another design we were tossing around but didn’t make the cut. The text is also part of the rainbow but the text is more linear than the one chosen by my client. Check out my Etsy Shop for all my latest designs!

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