Birdcage Bridal Shower


I got the honor of throwing a bridal shower for my cousin on June 6 but the planning for it started months before that and so did creating these one of a kind bird cage invites.  Getting married is such a special occasion and so are all the little events leading up to it.  I knew her shower had to be special and delicate and what better way than with birds and bird cages?

From the invite to the thank you and the recipe card, the whole package was perfectly complimentary to her special day.  To create these invites, I had looked all over the internet for some unique elements and what bridal shower stuff was trending at the time.  A big thing at the time, in addition to birds and bird cages, were recipe cards for the bride, where everyone would write down their favorite recipe and the give it to the bride for her shower.

She was so surprised by these invites and uses her recipes on the regular!  There are just too many possibilities when designing something so fun!

Bird Cage Bridal Shower Package

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