Hot Air Balloons and Flower Birthday


It is hard to believe, but its coming up on my daughter’s first birthday.  I knew before she was born how I wanted to decorate the nursery and what IO wanted her baby shower to be themed and that was with hot air balloons.  I have always had a love for these things, despite never actually having gone up in one myself (I will someday!).  They are whimsical, magical and always so full of life.  So when my sister threw me a baby shower, of course it was hot air ballooned themed.  Then when we started to plan the nursery and get decor, I knew it had to be the same theme.  I bought hot air balloon prints, made hot air balloon button art, sewed hot air balloons to hang from her ceiling and made a hot air balloon baby quilt.

Now her first birthday is right around the corner and I knew what I wanted to do!  Carry on with the hot air balloon theme, of course!

In my many searches for something I liked, nothing caught my eye but this one idea I saw that had hot air balloons on it that almost looked like a quilt or patch work.  I knew the idea and I was off and running in the direction I wanted!  I love navy blue, pink and aqua together so I had my main colors ready to go.  But then I thought about party favors and if I would be able to find stuff to match exactly.  Well, I went to party city and found aqua chevron plates and aqua decor so I incorporate that into the design to tie it all together.  You can’t have a party without a cohesive theme!

So without further ado, here are the birthday invites, along with some baby shower invites I created as well as matching thank you cards!  Enjoy!














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