Snowflake Baby Shower


I had an old friend approach me about her sister’s baby shower and if anyone knows me, they know I barely (if ever) say no.  I can’t say no to a friend and I can’t say no to a new opportunity to create something fun!

So she originally wanted a winter theme with a tree and some lanterns.  They turned out adorable.









The more we talked though, I got a sense that she wanted to go in a completely different direction.  Which is fine by me!  I got to add the above to my collection and move onto another idea.  She then decided that she wanted a more simple and cute design and what we came up with was absolutely darling.  These make me want to have another baby in the winter just so I can throw a winter baby shower!















Now I can’t let an opportunity pass me up that would allow me to create a boy version!  So here you go!

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