Geometric Wedding Invitations


I was approached by Eastlake Floral Design to do a wedding invitation suite for a photo shoot they were doing. This wasn’t any ordinary wedding though, it was a mock wedding to get some really great shots showcasing their floral talents. The called upon a lot of local vendors to make certain things for the shots and I was asked to make the invitations, RSVP & information inserts, menu cards, place cards and thank you notes. I loved this idea!

Eastlake Floral didn’t have a lot to go off of other than they wanted it to be light and airy while also bringing in gold elements, geometric patterns and floral elements. I had seen an invite with these gold geometric rings with flowers hanging off of them that I feel in love with and had always stayed in my mind. Then found some flowers and greenery that reminded me of Eastlake Floral and their design aesthetic. Next, I knew I needed organic yet structured font elements, enter the casual script font with the more structure san serif font. I am a lover of typography and can’t get enough when it comes to searching for and finding the perfect font. This was no exception. I probably searched for an hour through my font book for the more perfect ones. As the elements started to come together, so did the design and it took on its own personality.

They featured me on instagram and I got lots of wonderful feedback. I am in love with these invitations and often think about how I can go back and redo my wedding invites.

Now, if you know me, I don’t like to stop at just one version. I did a few of these and put them up in my etsy store. Enjoy!

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