Fiesta Couples Baby Shower


I was the first of all my friends to have kids, and living out here in San Diego it was hard for people to celebrate with us.  I knew that I wanted to be a part of my friends’ kids’ lives back in Minnesota but I wasn’t sure how.  I figured if I could make their baby shower invites, it would be perfect.  I created an invite for my friend Kelli when she was due with her son Parker and now my friend Jenny was having a boy.  My friend Kelli came to me and told me she wanted to throw a couples shower in the theme of a Mexican fiesta!  How fun.  I immediately started thinking about the bold colors and the fun textiles and amazing art work in Mexico.  She wanted it to be fun, yet not like a Mexican theme bachelorette party or frat party.

I always draw inspiration from other place so I immediately googled “Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower”.  The stuff that came up was to die for and so adorable.  I found a few things that we both admired, like a cactus wearing a sombrero and traditional Mexican flag bunting (like square snow flakes).  I knew she didn’t have to point me in any direction, I was already there.  The result is so fun and I made matching thank you cards for jenny to send her guests afterwards.  I hear it was  fun fiesta!

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