Oh Buoy! Nautical Baby Shower


When we found out our good friends Mike and Rose were having a baby boy I couldn’t wait to plan a baby shower and also create the invitations.  I had all these ideas in my head because they had always talked about a nautical theme baby shower.  Well, then they told us they were moving.  I was so sad but I was also super excited to be able to still help design the perfect baby shower invite.

My friend Rose had her friend contact me and all the friend knew was what I knew…..make is nautical theme but she didn’t want it to be too over the top because it was a couples shower.  As I always do, I quickly googled “couples nautical baby shower” and was immediately inundated with a barrage of stuff.  I saw one that stood out to me because of the colors.  It had grey blues and navy with pops of orange.  I knew this was the direction I wanted to go so I hit the ground running.  it didn’t take me too long to assemble all the parts and send her what I had.  She loved it and I hope you do too!


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