Super Hero Birthday Invitations


Super hero parties were all the rage this past year. I felt like a lot of kids’ birthday parties were super hero themed, even my son’s mother-son dance was super hero themed. When I was seeing all of this, it gave me a lot of inspiration to do my own invitation. These super hero birthday invitations will be enjoyed by everyone!

These super hero birthday invitations started with just an idea. The idea of what I thought comic books looked like. I started looking at comic books and soaking in all the info and styles. Comic books are their own sort of thing. The line between real and fantasy becomes blurry and the stories are unique. Just like the person being celebrated. Recreating that was a must.

I like comic books for a lot of reasons but I do not read them (lol). My brother gave us the very first X-men comic (which may be worth month) but I have never read it. Comic books are very stimulating for a number of reasons but I feel the bright colors, the bold graphic elements and edgy style top the list. Another thing that draws me in are halftone and stripe patterns. They are simple but yet so effective, especially in an invite. Also, the simple text and use of exciting, action packed elements adds a lot of punch (pun intended). I can see why people enjoy reading and collecting them.

in conclusion, as I was designing these I took a chance to go bold in every possible way. Moreover, I felt like super hero birthday invitations should make an impact on the person receiving them. You want people to feel nostalgic and like a kid again and get them excited to party. I wanted it to be a invitation and party they would remember.

What super hero will you be celebrating with these invitations?

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