First Communion Invites / Special Occasions

First Communion Firsts


I have to admit, the things that have always been on my radar as an invitation designer have always been weddings, bridal showers and baby showers.  I know, I know, this seems so crazy!  But when I got approached about doing some first communion invitations I was stoked.  How fun to be celebrating along with each of these families as their children celebrate an important milestone.  Well, my client said “I really have no idea so just go with it and send me your ideas.  So I sent here these (I did design a boy version for the one invite because I had the time):

Well, she lied them but her daughter was the one getting her first communion and she had other ideas.  I loved this, which sounds crazy, because I just created yet another item for my portfolio even if they don’t use it.  So what did she want?  We settled on this design, isn’t it darling?

But I had to design a boy version as well!

Save The Dates / Wedding Invitations

Rustic Save The Dates


My cousin got engaged this fall.  They had talked about me doing their save the dates, wedding invites and other things so I was super excited to get started.  When they approached me after having locked in the venue (the Gardens at Castle Rock) I knew we could get started!  My soon-to-be cousin told me the vibe of the place was chill and relaxed and everything was outside and very rustic and she liked the idea of “string lights” and a calendar being incorporated.  Done!

I wasn’t familiar with the Gardens of Castle Rock but I googled it immediately and was amazed at how beautiful every wedding was.  The grounds were filled with flowers and lush grass, and beautiful stone and wood buildings and large white tent for all the guests.  Each marriage either takes place under a giant arbor with beautiful twinkling lights or out on a gorgeous green lawn.  I love that these “save the date” cards captured the very essence of that place and gave a hint to the gusts as to what they could expect in the summer of 2018!

I am excited to see what they want to do for their wedding invites and I can’t wait to create them something special!

Baby Shower Invites

Snowflake Baby Shower


I had an old friend approach me about her sister’s baby shower and if anyone knows me, they know I barely (if ever) say no.  I can’t say no to a friend and I can’t say no to a new opportunity to create something fun!

So she originally wanted a winter theme with a tree and some lanterns.  They turned out adorable.









The more we talked though, I got a sense that she wanted to go in a completely different direction.  Which is fine by me!  I got to add the above to my collection and move onto another idea.  She then decided that she wanted a more simple and cute design and what we came up with was absolutely darling.  These make me want to have another baby in the winter just so I can throw a winter baby shower!















Now I can’t let an opportunity pass me up that would allow me to create a boy version!  So here you go!

Halloween / Holiday Invites

Halloween, Spiders and Webs, Oh My!


This year was one of the first years in a long time that we aren’t having a Halloween party but I wanted to put together some invites anyways.  I love halloween.  I buy decorations every year for Halloween, despite that fact that I only have stuff up for a week or so.  I love it all, none the less.  I especially love making invites for parties and I know a lot of people having parties this year.

So I saw this amazing pattern on a shirt, it was these spider webs and the pattern looked so beautiful.  So i took a mental snapshot and came home and recreated it on my computer screen.  I loved how it turned out, so art deco and modern and fun all rolled into one.  Then because it was a spider web patter, I knew I needed a spider somewhere on the invite.  Lastly because I love detailing, I wanted an ornate detail around the area with all the text and some faux ribbon details as well.  I love how it all came together for one spooky invite!  What i love too is making the custom, so I did a version that would include my address of “666” (yes we actually live at 666) and then another version for a pretend client.  If you have something in mind for more custom wording, please let me know!  I love a good rhyme for halloween!  Enjoy!

These two invites features these two poems, but think about all the possibilities out there!

Halloween is coming soon,
grab your mask, cape or broom.
On this night, we’ll be your host,
So come as yourself, a witch or a ghost!

Halloween is coming soon,
grab your mask, cape or broom.
We will be your hosts this night,
just come ready to give a fright!

































Baby Shower Invites

Unicorns and Baby’s


I recently threw a baby sprinkle for my sister and had so much fun coming up with a concept.  I originally started out thinking I wanted to do a black and white theme with umbrellas, but it felt too generic for her.  I wanted to do something that was personal and meant something to her.  She has always loved unicorns and is decorating my nieces room with unicorn stuff and flowers.  So that got me thinking, how could I still do  a theme with black and white but also incorporate a unicorn into it?  This got me running in the right direction and I am so glad I took that turn.  The unicorn invites turned out so cute and also spawned off another design in the process, which is just an amazing design by product.  They also spawned some cute Diaper Raffle cards, baby shower banner and diaper cake topper too!  I love accessorizing for a party and I am blessed that I can just jump on the computer and make what I need/want.

I have to say, these invites make me smile and are as perfect at my niece who will be born in November.