Birthday Invites / First Birthday

First Birthday Star


Birthdays in general are fun invitations to create, but first birthdays take the cake, literally.  I love to design invites for babies who are making their way into toddler-dom.  My client said she had started buying all this pink and gold and star themed stuff.  I told her that we could do anything, so I started to look at designs and see what elements caught my eye.  Text written in glitter was so darling and stars outlined in pink with fun patterns seemed to go so well together.  She trusted me and these turned into the cutest invites for a little girl!

Baby Keepsakes / Keepsakes

Baby Milestone Cards


I was always obsessed with writing down every milestone when my kids were little.  They are still little, but the milestone phase is kind of over.  I think the next thing I can look forward to is losing teeth and my daughter getting potty trained.  Really riveting and exciting stuff, right?!?!

Anyways, I wish I would have had these cards to mark down each milestone, date it and write a short something about how we felt and what our little one’s reaction was.  I loved to journal throughout my pregnancy and in my kids’ baby books so this would have been another amazing way to remember those special moments and something to give them later in life as a keepsake.  My husband calls me crazy, but I feel like the more places I have stuff written down, and the more photos I have allow me to remember every big (and little) moment together.

Baby Shower Invites

Oh Buoy! Nautical Baby Shower


When we found out our good friends Mike and Rose were having a baby boy I couldn’t wait to plan a baby shower and also create the invitations.  I had all these ideas in my head because they had always talked about a nautical theme baby shower.  Well, then they told us they were moving.  I was so sad but I was also super excited to be able to still help design the perfect baby shower invite.

My friend Rose had her friend contact me and all the friend knew was what I knew…..make is nautical theme but she didn’t want it to be too over the top because it was a couples shower.  As I always do, I quickly googled “couples nautical baby shower” and was immediately inundated with a barrage of stuff.  I saw one that stood out to me because of the colors.  It had grey blues and navy with pops of orange.  I knew this was the direction I wanted to go so I hit the ground running.  it didn’t take me too long to assemble all the parts and send her what I had.  She loved it and I hope you do too!


Baby Shower Invites

Fiesta Couples Baby Shower


I was the first of all my friends to have kids, and living out here in San Diego it was hard for people to celebrate with us.  I knew that I wanted to be a part of my friends’ kids’ lives back in Minnesota but I wasn’t sure how.  I figured if I could make their baby shower invites, it would be perfect.  I created an invite for my friend Kelli when she was due with her son Parker and now my friend Jenny was having a boy.  My friend Kelli came to me and told me she wanted to throw a couples shower in the theme of a Mexican fiesta!  How fun.  I immediately started thinking about the bold colors and the fun textiles and amazing art work in Mexico.  She wanted it to be fun, yet not like a Mexican theme bachelorette party or frat party.

I always draw inspiration from other place so I immediately googled “Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower”.  The stuff that came up was to die for and so adorable.  I found a few things that we both admired, like a cactus wearing a sombrero and traditional Mexican flag bunting (like square snow flakes).  I knew she didn’t have to point me in any direction, I was already there.  The result is so fun and I made matching thank you cards for jenny to send her guests afterwards.  I hear it was  fun fiesta!

Baby Shower Invites

Somebunny is Having a Baby!


Spring has to be one of my favorite times of year, for all things.  In San Diego the weather doesn’t change much but where I am from, in Minnesota, spring is such a fun time.  The weather warms up, flowers and trees start to bloom and fun parties start to get planned!  I was fortunate enough to do some baby shower invites for a wonderful client, who always has me design invites for all of her parties.  This was no exception, her daughter was pregnant and having a baby girl!  So not only is it spring in Minnesota, but they get to celebrate new life all around.

So we talked over email and she started out by saying “I want the theme to be bunny and flowers”.  I thought “DONE!”, and I was off.  As we talked, I knew what I wanted to do.  She was describing to me all these wonderful things she had already bought.  From bunny tails for jars, to pin striped straws, to all the flowers and the color PINK.  Spring to me is effortless and flowing and energetic but easy going and thats how my clients are, so I knew I needed something to match their style.  I think we nailed is and I heard everyone loved the party invitations.